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Need help buying or selling a home?

Welcome! My name is Marlon Thomas Jr, a real estate agent with Keller Williams of Williamsburg, Virginia. This website was created to provide helpful information to home buyers and sellers. You will also find the latest news on the U.S. housing trends, DIY info, interior, exterior ideas, etc.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge of the local real estate market and the overall industry. For this reason, I dedicate a lot of time and energy to write informative blog posts for those seeking to buy or sell a home.

Target Marketing

This marketing method will allow me to advertise your home to a specific niche of home buyers who are most likely to buy your style of home. Thus, not wasting time on a generic and broad marketing approach.


Just about anything within reason is negotiable in real estate. Although my goal is to net you the most amount of money possible, both parties must be treated fairly.

Comparative Market Analysis

To find the fair market value of your home, I will need to perform a CMA first. Therefore, your home can be priced accordingly based on similar homes sold within the past six months.

Vender Network

While your home is for sale, you will need various services from licensed professionals. From tradespeople to attorneys, my vendor network will be more than happy to help.